Great Room Looking to Dining Room
Great Room Looking to Dining Room

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504 Jennifer Ln-313


Good design pays for itself.

Every home John designs is a “Green” home. During the design process, each element that makes up a Green home is taken into consideration: From selecting materials that contribute to “clean air” to capitalizing on natural light and using LED lighting in fixtures. Special attention is given to using ‘recycled’ materials, as well as using materials in a way that reduce waste during the build process.

When it comes to John Hackler and Custom home designs, it is often said, “He gave more than I even imagined.’ That is always John’s goal in the design of a custom home: to deliver more than the client imagined. He does this with years of experience not just in design, but in working closely with his clients and making the design process fun and exciting. John has a talent for detail, and is an expert at incorporating needs and wants, along with scale, space, and style.

Remodeling a home or planning an addition can be a big undertaking. Enlisting the services of a skilled architect in the design, and construction of a remodel project significantly increases the value of the home, not just in monetary value, but in design quality as well. It takes skill, and a keen eye to accurately express the owner’s personality and lifestyle utilizing an existing structure. John, has decades of experience in transforming existing homes into a new creation. 

  • Working with an architect should never be about the architect; it should always be about the client.

  • An architect is a facilitator: helps the client realize their vision.

  • An architect needs a full comprehension and mastery of scale and space in terms of the build environment and the space in which that environment is placed.

  • An architect must understand conservation of materials and resources in both the long term and short term.  Taking into consideration life cycle vs. first-time costs.

  • The planning and design process should be fun!